Financial Transparency

The EverWell International Scholarship is a fiscally sponsored project with Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs. This legal structure allows EverWell to share minimal overhead costs with other grassroots organizing efforts. As a result, EverWell is held to rigorous ethical standards for our financial practices and we are committed to transparency in our financial records.

EverWell launched in early 2023, and will provide a financial status report after six months of operation, which will be published in August of 2023. Additionally, EverWell will publish detailed annual financial reports.

  • EverWell is entirely volunteer-run. None of the team members receive any wages for their efforts. While EverWell supports fair compensation for labor, we are fortunate to have a generous group of dedicated team members who wish to keep EverWell Volunteer-run, which allows us to focus our resources where they are needed most: sending more survivors to school.

  • Approximately 90% of every dollar donated to EverWell will go directly to scholarship awards for survivors. EverWell uses approximately 10% of donations for necessary basic overhead expenses that allow us to do things like maintain our website, bookeeping, process donations, etc.